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Present Bank Charges

Type of Service/Facility Arrangement Service Charges
1 Issue of Pay orders
1) Upto Rs.5,000/-   
2) Rs.5,001/- to Rs.10,000/-
3) Rs.10,001/- to Rs.75,000/-
4) Rs.75,001 and above
Rs. 2/- per Thousand OR Part there of Maximum Rs.2000/-
2 Issue of DD through Tie-Up arrangement Banks
1) Upto Rs.10,000/-   
2) Above Rs.10,000/-

Rs.5/- per thousand per part thereof.
Minimum Rs.100/- and maximum Rs. 2500/-
Note - Issuing Bank's Commission / Charges (if any) will be paid from our commission
2-A Issue of D. D. through Non Tie-up Arrangement Banks. Issuing Bank's Commission Plus 50% of the said Bank's Commission be recovered as our Commission.
3 1) Issue of Duplicate Pay order

2) Revalidation OR Cancellation of
    Pay order
Rs. 50/- per instrument

Rs. 50/- per instrument

( If a new pay order issued in lieu of cancelled pay order then only the cancellation charges be recovered and no charges be levied for the New Pay order)
4 1) Issue of Duplicate DD

2) Revalidation of DD OR Cancellation of DD

Issued under Tie-up Arrangements
Rs.75/- per instrument

Rs.75/- per instrument

[Tie-Up Arrangement Bank's Charges (if any) will be paid from our charges only]
5 1. Bank Guarantee.

2. Issue of Foreign LC OR Other Bank's Inland LC
1) If Bank Guarantee issued against 100% Deposit, Commission of Rs.500/- will be charged upto Rs.1.00 Lac & @ 0.50% p.a. on remaining amount.

2) If Bank Guarantee issued to our regular customer against less than 100% Deposit, then commission will be @ 3% p.a. lump sum on entire amount.

3) If Bank Guarantee issued through other banks, Commission charges of our Bank will be equal to the Commission charged by such other Banks. Subject to Minimum as mentioned in point 1 & 2 above.

(Entire commission for full period of guarantee to be recovered at the time of issue of Bank Guarantee)

L.C. opened through other Banks; Commission charges of our Bank will be equal to the Commission charged by such other Banks.
6 Signature verification charges Rs.50/- per document.
7 Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate to member Rs.50/- per certificate
8 * Issue of Solvency Certificate
1. Up to Rs.1 lac -
2. Over Rs.1 Lac to 5 lac -
3. Over Rs.5 lac -

Rs. 500/-
Rs. 750/-
Rs. 2000/-
9 Issue of Identity Card to a Member Rs.35/-
10 Handling Charges for Inland Bills for Collection/ Payment
(When payment in Indian currency )
Rs.100/- per Documents
(Plus actual postage or courier charges if any )
* Service Tax is Not Applicable
11 Handling Charges for Export/Import Bill for Collection/ Payment
(When payment in foreign currency )
Rs.100/- per document
Plus equal commission charged by the remitting Bank .
12 Issue of Inland LC
(Our Banks)
0.50 % of the LC amount
13 Issue of any Certificate other than Interest Certificates of Deposits Rs.50/- per Certificate
14 Securitization Notice Charges

Loan upto Rs.10 Lac
Loan Above Rs.10 Lac to Rs.50 Lac
Loan Above Rs.50 Lac


15 Vehicle Loans

i) Seizing charges for 2 wheelers, 3 wheeler and light motor

ii) Seizing charges for tempo, truck & other heavy vehicles.

(In additional to above towing charges actual to be received.)

Rs.1000/- (One time charges)

Rs.2500/- (One time charges)

Godawn charges to be received extra:-
1) At actual if kept in other's garage
2) If kept in Bank's Premises Rs. 50/- Per day.
16 ATM CARDS Charges will be fixed on the basis of actual cost incurred and other recurring expenses
17 Franking Charges Rs.10/- per document.
18 SMS Charges Rs.10/- per month


Address: 217, Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Girgaum, Mumbai- 400 004.